A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Welcome aboard the EsperanzaThirty years ago, this space ship arrived at the alien planet of Ceti-Six, then was never heard from again.

Explore this ship and learn what happened to its crew in this point and click adventure.

Epilogue is expected to take about an hour to complete.

Install instructions

Please download the zip files, unzip, then click on the executable to play.


Epilogue-1.0-mac.zip 101 MB
Epilogue-1.0-pc.zip 119 MB
Epilogue-1.0-linux.tar.bz2 108 MB


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Feels like a good sci-fi short story, which I really like! Amazing how you fleshed out the characters, even tho we only find out about them from one person's memories. Thanks for using my sprite, she really fits here :D Now I wish I made a more diverse range of emotions for her! Also, I'm amazed how you managed to make the japanese school location backgrounds fit perfectly into the spaceship scenario, by explaining what the function of the objects shown actually is. It's weirdly clever :D

Thanks! And yeah, using only CC artwork is always a bit of a challenge (sometimes you desperately want an image that you can't find anywhere). But I'm glad that the sort of odd ball concept worked! Your awesome sprite definitely helped. She's so adorable!