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Welcome to Eidolon University! Explore the grounds while interacting with eight NPCs (six romance-able) and learning the secrets of the university.

Eidolon University has a 2-3 hour playtime but no two playthroughs will ever be the same due to extensive dialogue options and as many as sixteen unique endings per character.

Some of the characters you will meet while playing include:

Erica (not-datable) – A bubbly sorority sister who'd love to get drunk and make memories with you – or drink too much and forget them.

Melody (datable) – She's hoping to save the world – and would love help picking up litter or protesting the new power plant, especially from an attractive student like you!

Vivian (datable) – Voted most likely to succeed. She'll apply that same ambition in becoming the school's #1 power couple – with you!

Adrianna (datable) – The resident romantic, hoping to have her own happily ever after. Can you give her the romance she longs for?

Brooke (datable) – Athletic and skeptical about love – can you work your way into her heart?

Claire (datable) – Curious about everything, she's eager to experiment with you in all kinds of ways.

Reia (datable) – More interested in books than romance, can you find a philosophy that incorporates love?

Sophia (non-datable) – The school's guidance counselor may have answers to the mysteries of the university – or at least towards better understanding why you seek them.

Eidolon is free to play.

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
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GenreVisual Novel
TagsAnime, Dating Sim, Experimental, Meaningful Choices, Ren'Py, Story Rich


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This story has lots of potential! I really really wish the novel had proper visuals, stuff like cgs, I wish the characters would come to life much much more and became more intricate in the first part, so that I could really feel the second part through. For now they really just felt like characters in a game with predictable dialogue and nothing more to me :D

Keep up the good work <3

I'd love to do CGs, too.  Unfortunately, as a free to play game, I can't afford to pay thousands of dollars for art assets. :( (If you or someone else know someone eager to do free art or who is eager to fund a Kickstarter campaign, of course, that would be awesome! But I'm not holding my breath on either...)

I appreciate the comment, though!


this game is really, really amazing!!

i wasn't that impressed by 'the first part' of the game, i just thought it was cute and all but once the second part rolled around oof

it's just so intricate and u can really tell that a lot of effort was put in. i loved the sprites and designs but the best thing by far was the writing for me, both characters themselves and the story. 

don't wanna spoil too much but the game has really creative ways to break the 4th wall (hope you're not spying on me btw lmao)

but for real, this game has been great and i really admire the effort put in! i hope you're working or at least considering working on somewhat of a sequel, since i think the cast has too much potential to just let go!

anyways, love the game and i wish u best of luck for whatever you're doing next!!

Awww, thank you so much for the kind words! I'm not currently working on a sequel, although I'm mulling on the idea a bit.

(And no worries! I'm not spying on anyone!)


I just finished ir and I enjoyed it.

I really like the sprites. Each of the girls has a unigue personaity, opinion and matching them visuals. 

Melody is my favourite. The cute mix of hipsters, hippie and world-saving activist. Smart and sweet.

Adding small city and day-night cycle to improve the immersion and feeling of fallowing the whole live of MC. Not just their free time. 
Player could choose what to do before the classes, in lunch break, after school, at the afternoon and evening etc. etc. 
Just searching for the girl to hang out with is a bit too simple.

You should consider adding some CGs (for the special moments like introductions of the girls or winning their hearts) 
The routes are too quick. Kissing a girl in 5th time seeing each other? Become a couple on the 10th meeting? 

it's too easy to find where is the girls you are interested in. There are always in the same places (places where a lot of people hang out or places related to them). You should add at least few more possible places to be for each of them.  And the same girl should not exist in 2 or more places simultaneously. (in  example: meeting  melody in park or in the cafeteria as result of one choice)

Good luck with future porjects. 

Oh thanks! CGs will probably never be added as the cost of doing so is really high (and unfortunately as a free to play game, I have no anticipation of making money, so spending significantly more makes no sense to me!)

The initial game also is supposed to end very quickly. If you continue playing, something else will happen. ;)

Thank you again for playing and commenting! I really appreciate your feedback! (It'll help if I ever get around to making another game!)

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Very, very cool experience. Brooke is best girl <3

Things like UI are a little rough around the edges, but the sprites are lovely, and the writing more than makes up for any of the shortcomings! Really liked it, clever concept.

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Awww, thanks! I really love Brooke, too! I'm glad that you enjoyed playing it as well as the writing/concept!

(And yes, my abilities with graphical design are sadly a bit lacking! But I'm hoping to improve and maybe I'll figure out something cool to do with the UI next game!)

Thank you for playing and commenting!